Founded on January 3, 2006, the company is an enterprise dedicated to researching and manufacturing bathroom furniture.The style of the product represents the customer's personality, and the details of the product reflect the customer's value. In the past ten years, we have insisted that we should diversify and enhance our personality design,s.We should also refine the process of products. Let delicate workmanship penetrate into every detail. Every year, we will use 30% of our revenue to develop new products because we have to keep on Innovation injects new vitality into the global market, improves the quality of products, and creates maximum value for everyone. We have an open and rigorous working environment.We should not only make every immersive worker feel different, but also inspire everyone's inner inspiration and exquisiteness, and fundamentally inject exquisiteness into the productWork, and finally give us a unique soul of each work.

It contains a mission, which is just like the name of the company "-full of sunshine". We should make the living environment of people all over the world full of sunshine and vitality.

 Sunshine is the source of vitality and vitality, which is being maintainedWhile nature is green and sustainable,we always insist on optimizing people through every little detail in our livesThe living environment should be comfortable and full of personality to stimulate people's potential wisdom and positive energy. finallyCreate value for the whole world and promote global progress.